Run, Run Rudolph

Murmiland created this one-of-a-kind rafting-themed marble run that takes nearly three minutes from start to finish. Follow one yellow marble in a sea of green glass marbles as they cascade down the carved wooden path.

To me, it is incredibly soothing and relaxing.

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I absolutely love the name, concept and integration of Evernote and hate the look and feel of the app. As such, I wanted desperately to use it in a meaningful way. I even bought an ebook about using Evernote effectively.

Still, it never hooked me. I had an account, started messing with it, hated the look and feel and stopped. It’s awkward. It is the opposite of elegant.

I last used it in 2015.

So, now I read that Evernote employees can read the notes in your account. I know the CEO backed off a bit from that statement, but that’s pretty much the last straw.

I went in and downloaded everything (there wasn’t much there) and deleted my account.

I’ve ended up using Simplenote for notes and I’m testing Bear which is one of Apple’s best apps of the year. Bear just needs a web interface and it will be golden. I tried to love Apple Notes, but I just don’t. The sync never works right.

“Things were simpler then…”

The teaser trailer for the Blade Runner sequel has dropped. Blade Runner 2049 seems to be about the search for Deckard. How very reverse The Force Awakens.

Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies of all time. This looks… interesting.

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Ten Things I Like About Me But…

I wonder if we shouldn’t just stop and write a list like this.

Maybe I’ll attempt one in the future. It kinda scares me, but I think that’s a good thing?

Crisis on Finite Earth

Donald Trump is a crisis of unprecedented proportions. I’m not sure there’s another way to describe him. A couple of recent issues:

  • He only goes to intelligence briefings when he feels like it. “I’m, like, a smart person.” No. No you’re not.
  • His closest adviser is a step removed from Neonazis.
  • He’s already caused a diplomatic rift with China over Taiwan and he’s not even President yet.

It’s like living in a constant facepalm.gif.

Wil Wheaton recently described him thusly:

America elected (barely and with interference from a hostile foreign power) a Fascist know-nothing who has so much contempt for our country and the people who live in it, he has chosen men and women who have no experience in government and/or aggressively hate the agencies they will be charged with overseeing to lead them. He’s instigated dangerous international diplomatic incidents that threaten the safety of all of us, and he doesn’t seem to care. Though he lost the popular vote by the largest margin in history, though he will take office (unless the Electoral College acts to preserve the Republic — I’m still in Bargaining, it turns out) with the lowest approval rating in this century, though he has never held a public office or cared about anyone other than himself in his life, he and his toadies are acting like he has a mandate to destroy the popular, progressive achievements of the last century, and enact policies that will greatly harm the very people who voted for him.

Neonazis have been welcomed into the mainstream of America, and their leaders have been normalized by our media. An unabashed authoritarian is set to take control of the most powerful office in the world, with the most invasive and unaccountable spying apparatus in history at his tiny orange fingertips.

Like I said, a crisis.

Tomorrow the Electoral College votes to make this whole shit storm legal. It’s been reported several are asking to see the recent CIA report on the Russian entanglements with the election before they vote. It probably won’t change their minds, but it could.

In fact, everything that has transpired since Trump became the president-elect should be looked at. I understand a single questionable decision might not be enough, but dozens of them?

These electors have a job and it’s to vote for the person who won the election. Of course, that’s a bit askew isn’t it? You’ve got one candidate who received nearly three million more votes than the other one who barely won the necessary electoral votes. That’s not normal. Yes, I know the popular vote is not the standard our country uses and these electoral college members may even have thought the other guy was the right person for the job.

Still, I wonder if any of them still think that today?

I’d ask them what their gut says? I’d ask them if they can still trust Donald Trump with the presidency? Really? REALLY?

On day one the country and the presidency will be in a constitutional crisis. For instance, there’s no possible way he won’t be in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution immediately after he takes office. As president-elect, he’s offered nothing on how he’s going to free himself from any conflicts of interest. I fear, he will always put his interests before the interests of the American people. What does that mean? Probably nothing good for anyone not named Trump.

This whole thing plays out like a bad reality show. The trouble is this isn’t a show, but it is reality.

If only 37 electors are persuaded to not vote for Trump, he will have 269 electoral votes of the 306 he won in the general election. It means he won’t be officially and legally elected. Better yet, if 38 electors can be persuaded to vote for Clinton instead and add to her 232 electoral votes she will hit the magic 270 to win the Presidency.

Imagine it like a reality show. It would be the best twist this side of The Twilight Zone (or maybe better yet Survivor) if somehow the Electoral College doesn’t gift Trump the presidency. How incredibly entertaining it will be to watch these “Hamilton Electors” stick it to a demagogue like Trump.

I know it’s highly unlikely. I know I’m going to wake up on December 20 and realize it was a nice dream and we’re about to enter an epic nightmare.

I know. I know. It’s not going to happen and there are good reasons why it shouldn’t. Seriously, there is no hope this is going to happen.

But it could.

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Nothing Comes to Mind

Nothing comes to mind. #haiku

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Rebel, Rebel

I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Friday. It was amazing. I loved every frame.

I think it’s the first Star Wars movie that laid out the premise behind a rebellion against an evil empire in a way that felt real, personal, and dramatic. No Jedi. No wisecracking smuggler. No problem.

It’s actually a war film/heist film first and a Star Wars film second. It’s pretty dark. In fact, it’s arguably darker than The Empire Strikes Back or Revenge of the Sith.

The first two-thirds are ok. The last third is super exciting and is a far better space battle than anything in the prequels and easily matches the Return of the Jedi attack.

The droid is funny and pretty much steals the flick. I really wish there was a way to see him more in the future.

Unfortunately, the main bad guy is like a Nazi mid-level manager and never feels like a threat. Vader is nicely terrifying – especially at the end.

Lots of fun surprises, cameos, and call backs.

Here’s a nice collection of reviews. Take them all with a grain of salt:

Playlist – Welcome Christmas 2016

Here is this year’s Christmas album. Hope you enjoy.

Did You Make the List?

It’s not just Santa who makes lists.

Merry Christmas, Will Byers

One of the few bright spots for me in 2016 was Stranger Things. It hit all the right notes as a smartly written Stephen King meets Steven Spielberg mash-up. I’m looking forward to the next season in 2017.

So, it comes as no surprise to see the characters from Stranger Things finding their way into an all-time classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The short follows Will Byers post Upside Down and feeling Charlie Brown-like depressed. The animation is spot on and it stays true to the source material nicely. The bit with Barb is the icing on the cake.

It made me smile. Perhaps it will do the same for you.